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First Class English and American literature graduate with PR and content experience and a passion for learning. My degree and my year studying in Copenhagen, alongside my work experience, have given me strong communication and organisational skills, as well as enhancing my ability to successfully and efficiently meet deadlines. I have frequently worked productively and effectively within a team, whilst also showing confidence and security through my own individual initiative. I always aim to produce something of which I am proud of, and I always set myself high standards.

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5 Undeniable Reasons To Get Landlord Insurance

Did you know that your home insurance could breach your buy-to-let mortgage? A conventional home insurance policy could be made null and void if it is used to insure a buy-to-let property. And while there is no legal obligation to take out landlord insurance, many letting agents won’t manage your property without it and you put yourself at risk if disaster strikes! There can be many unexpected costs that are associated with being a landlord and no one can predict when or if they will happen. L

This Week’s Hottest Property News

David Hider, 21, reveals how he used the Right to Buy scheme to buy the home he and his mum had lived in for 11 years. GETTING a foot on the property ladder feels like a distant dream for most of us. But it can be done, with the number of first-time buyers at a 10-year-high, according to UK Finance. That’s why we’ve launched our new My First Home series where every week we speak to a different homeowner to find out what it really takes to finally get the keys to your own pad. Even though man

5 Tips for Choosing a Property Manager

Private landlords have a very busy life, taking control of their property, the tenants inside, rent and maintenance to name a few of their responsibilities. Buy-to-Let is no laughing matter, it requires time and effort to be able to reap the benefits. Some landlords turn to their local lettings agents, praying that these professionals will take some of the stress from them. And they do… for a price. But, with the new Tenant Fees Ban on the horizon, many landlords will be looking to self-manage

5 Secrets to Ensure Your Tenants Pay Their Rent On Time

Correct me if I’m wrong… but rent is the main reason you became a landlord. The monthly income of your rental yield makes all the stress of property ownership worthwhile. But it is rather annoying that almost half of that stress comes from the rent collection itself. It is something that landlords have little control over, essentially relying on their tenants to be good sports and hold up their end of the deal. But what if your tenant doesn’t pay on time? What if they are unreliable? What if yo

This Week’s Hottest Property News

Graduates who have left university face a mountain of debt, often in excess of £30,000, so many look for somewhere they can live cheaply, while also earning enough money to pay off their student loans. Property marketplace TheHouseShop has identified the top five UK hotspots for graduates based on average house prices, rents, utility costs, disposable income, travel and even the price of a pint. Keep reading to find out there graduates should live to get the best financial start in life… If y

How to Evict a Tenant Quickly

The simple answer is that you can’t. There is no assured quick route to evicting tenants, but there are ways that the process can be sped along. One of the biggest things to keep in mind while going through the eviction process is to keep a calm head. It can be very easy to get hot-headed and storm your property. But this is only detrimental and will not have the desired effect. Knocking down the door will only favour the tenants in the eyes of the judge. Remember, it is a crime to harass or fo

This Week’s Hottest Property News

MANY renters are STILL facing ridiculously high letting fees almost two years after it was announced they would be banned. And as the government appears to be dragging its feet bringing it into law, many renters are still looking for ways to avoid forking out for them if they have to move before the ban comes in. The letting fee ban was first announced back in November 2016 but it still hasn’t come in to practice. The good news is that in recent years, a number of websites and online estate a

Social Media Marketing for Estate Agents: Everything you need to know

Welcome to the 21st Century. As an estate agent, you stand for tradition. But, unfortunately, the world is changing and if you don’t adapt to keep up with the modern times, then you may find yourself getting left behind. The internet is the future, as much as it might pain you to hear, you can’t run from it and you can’t hide from it. So, the correct thing to do is to embrace it; if you can’t beat them, join them! With the rise of online estate agents, the competition is harsher than ever. The

Top 20 Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

Christine’s aim is to translate people’s personalities into their home. She believes that the environment is a reflection of your state of mind… so it should reflect you! Because of this, her designs cover a wide variety of styles, but each with a realistic touch that makes you want to live there. She perfectly balances the aesthetic, with the liveable and that is what makes this Instagram account so appealing.

This Week’s Hottest Property News – 12.04.2018

Six months pregnant with her first child, Jordanne Whiley and her partner Marc McCarroll were looking to move into a large family home. It would need to have five double bedrooms, a downstairs loo in a spacious hallway, wide doorways and be an easy home to maintain. The Fifties houses nearby in Uxbridge didn’t fit the bill, but pretty soon they came across Abbotts Meadow, a David Wilson Homes development in Steventon, Oxfordshire. They moved into their “perfect forever home” with a couple of mo

How to Prepare your House for Selling

So you have decided to sell your home. Great! And I am guessing that you want it to sell quickly and for the best price? Of course you do! It is surprising what a difference a little bit of preparation can do for your sale. But this isn’t just a case of a once over with the duster and kicking some dirty clothes under the bed, oh no, this is something that takes time and know-how. But, lucky for you, we have created this handy guide to ensure that your property is up-to-scratch and to help you g

How to Prepare your House for Selling

So you have decided to sell your home. Great! And I am guessing that you want it to sell quickly and for the best price? Of course you do! It is surprising what a difference a little bit of preparation can do for your sale. But this isn’t just a case of a once over with the duster and kicking some dirty clothes under the bed, oh no, this is something that takes time and know-how. But, lucky for you, we have created this handy guide to ensure that your property is up-to-scratch and to help you g

15 Questions to Ask Your Property Manager

Being a private landlord can be hard work, and trying to do it all yourself can be incredibly time consuming and very stressful. But there is help out there! Property management companies are a great way of becoming a hassle-free landlord. They can take care of your property, looking after your tenants, dealing with maintenance and collecting your rent. They let you get on with your life, knowing that your property is in good hands. Sounds great right? So how do you choose the best company for y

Advantages and Disadvantages of Privately Selling

Saving money is at the front of every private seller’s mind when it comes to property. Deciding to sell privately, is more often than not, motivated by financial reasons, like escaping the expensive fees of estate agents. Traditional high street agents are a tried and tested method that has been around for years. They are a strong, confident means by which you can sell your property. But you want to go private, and this is likely to be because most estate agents charge approximately 2% of the va

House Viewing Checklist

Before you have even been to the house viewing, it’s a good idea to go for a little drive past your potential new home. First impressions can be everything and a brief glance at the property can give you a gut feeling about whether you want to pursue it any further. Walking around the surrounding area can give you a feel of the neighbourhood and if it is somewhere you can picture yourself living. Take a walk down the road and explore the local amenities. Is your house walking distance from the

A Guide for Private Landlords: Rent Collection

Your rental income is pretty much the number 1 reason you became a landlord. Why else would you let strangers live in a property you purchased? So collecting that rent should be rather high on your priority list. If you have done the relevant checks and found a reliable tenant, who consistently pays their rent on time, then you have hit the rental jackpot. Your money will be in your account every month and your investment has been a success. However, if, for whatever reason, your tenant doesn’

RentScore, What's in it For Me?

RentScore is a rent collection tool that motivates tenants to pay on-time, by recording rent payments on their credit scores. It acts as a standard rent collection scheme, where rent payments are collected via direct debit and transferred to the landlord; the landlord is fully notified of all late or missed payments, but RentScore does all the chasing. However, RentScore isn’t your normal rent collection tool. It comes with an added bonus. Each and every rent payment is recorded with the credit

What is RentScore

For years now, rental payments have been consistently unrecognised when it comes to someone’s credit score, despite the fact that, on average, tenants spend 27% of their monthly salary on rent. It seems bizarre that such a high regular expenditure does not affect a person’s credit rating. A recent YouGov survey, undertaken by, revealed that almost three quarters (72%) of Brits support rent recognition in credit scores. And why shouldn’t they?! Rental payments, as we have alread

Why is My Credit Score So Important?

First things first, let’s start with the basics: Your credit score is essentially how likely you are to pay back credit. When a lender looks at your credit history, they are looking at how much of a liability you are, whether you are a financially trustworthy and what level of risk you are. If you have a good record of on-time payments then you are likely to have a high credit rating: the higher the better. Conversely, if you regularly make late payments or have arrears, then your credit ratin

How To Be A DIY Landlord: A guide for private landlords

Gumtree is another free listing site. Although it isn’t specifically for property, you can utilise their filters to create a personalised ad which is completely free. You can advertise properties to rent, share, sell, swap and much more. There are also options for paid advertising, which create a featured listing, increasing your chance of finding a tenant. However, this site is a bit of a free-for-all. As it isn’t a property site, you can also list your old wellies or coffee machine at the sam
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